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Company Profile

KOWA Kentucky, Inc. is a part of KOWA KOGYOSHO CO., LTD. located in Aichi, Japan. In Japan, we provide various services from surface treatment, metal processing, and manufacture of bridge railing, coated water piping, and vibrating shifter.
Our first factory to ever locate in the U.S. is KOWA Kentucky, Inc., specializing in surface treatment technology known as “Electroless Ni-P Plating”. Our plant has enough capability to apply other services from Japan, which may extend to and beyond that of our parent company.

NameKOWA Kentucky, Inc.
IncorporatedApril 24, 2014
RepresentativesSaetsu Sato (President), Kimihiro Nakano (Vice President), Toshio Muguruma (Director)
Location190 Kowa Road, Corbin, Kentucky 40701
Paid-in capital$13,000,000
Investing companyKOWA KOGYOSHO CO., LTD. (100%)

Company Policy

To provide products quickly, safely, and with integrity for a more livable society.

Corporate Philosophy

  • To aim for environmentally kind business operations through recycling resources while respecting the harmony between nature and communities.
  • To aim to create a more livable society through the advancement of technology with the motto of “Maintaining natural resources in a better condition and for a longer time.”
  • To aim for the growth and happiness of each individual while also contributing to society through the joy that we create.


Apr. 24, 2014KOWA Kentucky, Inc. Incorporated
Oct. 14, 2015Grand Opening Ceremony held.
Feb. 08, 2016Beginning of first Mass Production.
Jan. 03, 2020Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Message from President

I am honored to have you visit KOWA Kentucky, Inc. “KOWA” website, because it means you are interested in our company. It is needless to say that KOWA will be a great global company by following our corporate philosophy and company policies. But it is also my belief that a great global company needs to provide our Staff Members a “Safe” work environment and everyone being “happy”. Here is how it works. Every division works together as a team to achieve customer satisfaction with our products. A satisfactory product cannot be produced without each “happy” KOWA Staff Member working in a safe environment, believing in KOWA’s philosophy, and following KOWA’s policies.

KOWA earns customer’s trust, and prosper by supplying each a perfect product furnished every day by KOWA’s Staff Members. Everyone at KOWA is working toward this goal. KOWA’s “All for One” teamwork provides an environment to help one another with any problem that occurs in reference to our customer need.

All KOWA Staff Members are capable of teamwork every day, work safe, and be “happy”.

Saetsu Sato

Message from Vice President

Some of you are visiting KOWA website from Corbin, Kentucky, and some of you may be from other Counties, States and Countries. But needless to say, it must be the first time for you to visit this website. KOWA is a small company but, our future is growth with and for our Staff Members. Here is my philosophy to grow together as a team:


  • Will visualize what you really need and not need, therefore eliminating unnecessary items.
  • This will reduce excessive expenses and concentrate on enhancing quality of our products.

Keep Clean

  • Keeping work areas clean will provide a safe work environment for our Staff Members.
  • Contributes to quality of production and extend the life-span of KOWA’s equipment.

I believe KOWA will be a great global company due to Organization and Keep Clean. I believe KOWA Staff Members are proud of being a team member and being part of a great global company.

Kimihiro Nakano
Vice President

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