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Job Description/Application

Production Staff Member – Visual Inspector


  • Examines material or product for surface defects such as cracks, pits, and incomplete welds.
  • Compares product with parts list or sample model to ensure completion of assembly.
  • Verifies specified dimensions of product or material.
  • Rejects defective parts, and marks type of defect on part, container of parts, or inspection tag.
  • Interprets diagrams and confers with management or engineering staff to determine quality and reliability Standard Operation Procedures.
  • Selects products for tests at specified stages in production process, and tests for variety of qualities such as dimensions, performance and mechanical characteristics.
  • Operates any diagnostic equipment needed to perform job.
  • Package parts into containers.
  • Loading and unloading products from production racks.
  • Sending and receiving racks from production lines.
  • Ability to operate forklift – OJT available for those that do not have experience.

Secretary Assistant

starting pay subject to experience, could lead to exempt position.

  • Assist Administration Department and Secretary.
  • Utilize office equipment such as computer, phone, cell phone, facsimile, etc. to support office work.
  • Fluently operate Microsoft Office, and use of internet strictly for business use.
  • Support communication needs of the Administration Department and Secretary. Examples include but not limited to; Public Relations, Liaison, Customer, Supplier, and KOWA Staff Members.
  • Maintains a valid Driver’s License to use company vehicle for work. Examples include mailing and checking post office, visiting local stores, attending business meetings outside of the office.
  • Maintain proper and compliant documentation of work.
  • Never destroy and/or disclose company information that is confidential and/or personal, without seeking permission and guidance from superior.
  • Possess ability to pick up products weighing approx. 20lbs.

*Job description described on this page does not guarantee a current opening. Details are subject to change at any time. Please contact the HR Department through the application form below for updated information and/or applying.

*A full description concerning benefits and responsibilities shall be explained during interview/hiring process.

*All applicants will be reviewed by the HR Department. KOWA is EEOC compliant.

How to Apply

Please send your resume indicating desired position, salary requirements and other information to

Mailing a resume is not recommended. Please contact HR Dept. for options.

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